Civilization Beyond Earth cinematic intro video is full of optimism after the ‘great mistake’

Civilization Beyond Earth intro showcases the human’s travel to deep space in search for a new planet that they can call home after the great mistake that destroyed the planet

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Apple’s new Retina iMac 2014 is a “perfect fitting” for the Macintosh anniversary

From the iPhone to the Mac OS X, Apple finally expanded the Retina technology (and marketing) to the iMac desktop computer.

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Snapchat to start serving ads this weekend ‘to make money’

Behold, Snapchat ads are here, and will appear this weekend. The popular messaging app said they’re serving ads because they need ‘to make money’ to support the service.

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Twitter intros Audio Cards with SoundCloud and iTunes music streaming

Twitter intros audio cards allowing users of the social network’s official apps to stream music from SoundCloud, and also listen to content from iTunes Store.

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Ultra-fast Google Fiber service in Austin, Texas launching in December, finally

Austin residents covered by Google Fiber can soon download more cat pictures per second. The search giant’s sought after internet platform will go up and running by end of this

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Your next Facebook login will remove disaster worries with “Safety Check” tool

Your next Facebook login could save lives after a disaster. Facebook has added the Safety Check tool allowing users to create a stream of information about people’s safety during disasters

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France telco Iliad abandons T-Mobile US Inc. bid after offering ‘premium’

A bidder gives up. Iliad from France said it’s now ending its ‘project’ to acquire T-Mobile because the US telco’s board has rejected the “premium” price offer. 

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Google testing free doctor consultation via video chat

Google is already testing quick video conference linking medical practitioners and users in United States who are searching for medical conditions.

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Verizon to launch the Sony Xperia Z3 this month with PlayStation 4 ‘feature’

Sony Corporation partners with Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile to expand the reach of its new flagship Xperia smartphone, and to improve the user experience of the PlayStation 4 in the

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Apple Inc intros new Mac Mini with OS X Yosemite at lower price point

Apple finally introduced a new Mac Mini for the 2014, and it’s on a lower price point — but there are ‘buts’ and ‘because’ to take a look at before

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Enhanced Facebook login security related to the upcoming payments on messenger?

Facebook’s enhanced login security and bug finding program are just the start of its continuous efforts to make the system more secure — because the social network wants to establish

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Can Apple SIM on iPad Air 2 change the telco game? Verizon not joining the fun

Can Apple really kill the traditional telco SIM card with its very own switch anytime SIM Card system? Will this disruptive SIM card system affect Verizon’s tablet PC data business?

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TwitPic to shut down this month due to costly legal fight with Twitter

Due to failed acquisition attempts, and the price of its fight with Twitter in court, TwitPic said it’s officially shutting down by end of this month.

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Spider? Tourist’s skin reportedly hosted an arachnid from Bali, Indonesia

A tropical spider reportedly burrowed and stayed inside a man’s skin for three days, but some experts said it’s impossible unless there’s a new species that is a parasitic spider.

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New Apple iPads include Touch ID and Apple Pay, gold option also in tow

Customers can start purchasing new Apple iPads this Saturday in 29 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, and China.

Cupertino, California-based Apple Inc. today announced a slew of new Apple

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No real name Facebook can attract more login, revenue from ads, and bullying?

Can Facebook benefit from serving people who are not sharing their real identity on the web?

Facebook will soon add a brand new mobile app that will support anonymous

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Supercentenarian woman ‘fakes’ her age on Facebook

Someone who’s actually 113 years old today has joined Facebook, but she had to lie about her age because the social network only provides to people who were born in 1905 or later.

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Walgreens memo leaks Apple Pay release, to support new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3

Thanks to a leaked Walgreens memorandum for store managers, we now have the idea that Apple Pay will launch later this month.

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Google Nexus 6 display one inch bigger than last year’s LG Nexus 5?

The display on the Google Nexus 6 is one inch bigger than last year’s Nexus phone from LG Electronics, according to a new report.  

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