Fox orders Minority Report show pilot, Spielberg’s ‘precogs’ coming to TV

Humans with precognition ability will invade the Fox TV schedule. The channel reportedly orders to launch the Minority Report TV show adaptation.

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Separation from Apple iPhone can cause anxiety according to research

Owners of Apple’s iPhone who didn’t have their phones in hand performed poorly on cognitive tasks, a new study revealed.

If you really love your iPhone, then you must carry

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Nintendo officially exits Brazil, goodbye cheaper Wii U and 3DS

Nintendo will leave Brazil due to high importation cost, fans of the gaming company are expected to pay more.

Nintendo of America announced this weekend that it has ended its partnership with

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Deezer acquires ‘Muve’ to compete with Spotify in USA

French music streaming service Deezer is acquiring a business to expand market reach in United States — and to compete with Spotify, the grand-daddy of the music streaming industry.

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The ‘no struggle’ of choosing affinity: Civilization Beyond Earth for Mac OS X

Earth-loving CIV players will purely play Beyond Earth using the Purity affinity.

civilization-beyond-earth-mandira-purityI’ve been playing Civilization: Beyond Earth for Mac OS X since

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Marvel announces Netflix Daredevil series release date

Marvel Netflix Daredevil

Marvel and Netflix are bringing Daredevil to streaming television this year. The 13-episode season 1 will premiere on the 10th

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Facebook: Data requests from governments across the globe growing

Facebook data requests

Facebook said governments across the world are requesting more user data. Half of the total requests came from the United

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Twitter crowns Alex from Target, Kieran from T-Mobile new internet stars

Twitter Meme

Twitter just crowned its latest manufactured celebrity. Meet Alex From Target, and others including Kieran from T-Mobile and Steve from Starbucks.

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US Federal Communications Commission plan is very “hybrid” to address net neutrality issues

Fiber Optic Cable

FCC’s plan to re-classify the broadband business could limit internet fast lanes, unfair treatment of content on the internet, and

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Samsung Group losing smartphone market share, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Apple Inc are gaining

China Xiaomi

Samsung Group should panic. China’s Xiaomi and Lenovo, the latter with Motorola Mobility under its banner, are gaining market share —

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Sims 4 iOS app unveiled, but Mac OS X version still missing in action

It’s crystal clear now that Electronic Arts loves Apple with the launch of the new Sims 4 companion app for the iPhone. However, the game developer company is still not

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Rich Ross promises Discovery Channel documentary credibility

Discovery Channel’s new chief Rich Ross promises more credible programing, so goodbye Eaten Alive and other “fake” stuff.

No more fake stuff

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More people still login to Facebook, but multi-platform use on the rise

In United States, more people login to Facebook, but the same survey claims that more consumers use two or more social networks.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson podcast Star Talk is coming to TV via The National Geographic Channel

National Geographic is bringing Neil deGrasse Tyson’s famous podcast to TV, the Star Talk. The Science-focused late-night show will premiere in April.

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500M users login to Facebook Messenger app per month

Facebook Login Page

Facebook brags about 500 million Messenger users more than three months after forcing people to download the separate messaging app

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Samsung Group wants to invalidate Microsoft Corporation “Android deal”

Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone

Samsung Electronics wants the court to invalidate its agreement with Microsoft Corporation, because Nokia.


Samsung Group fires back to

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Judge ruled that cops can require fingerprint to unlock iPhone, but not the passcode

Apple Touch ID

A judge ruling from Virginia sparks online debate about the difference between Touch ID biometric fingerprint scanner and the passcode

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Daylight Savings Time ends, debate starts because we need to adjust our clock again

Daylight Savings Time Debate

Daylight Savings Time debate starts again today because we’re going to adjust our clock.

It’s the end of this

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Flawed Google News algorithm promotes fake article about Solar Storm “Earth blackout”

Fake NASA Solar Storm News

Google News promotes fake article about Solar Storm, and because it’s “in the news,” people actually thought it’s real.

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