Asteroid 2004 BL86 to fly by close to Earth, and NASA says..

NASA Asteroid

The large ASTEROID called 2004 BL86 will fly by near the Earth on Monday — and it’s a big rock, about

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China to build Beijing to Moscow train with $242 Billion price tag

Beijing Moscow Railroad

CHINA is building a very-very long railroad stretching from its capital Beijing to its ally’s center of trade, Moscow,

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Google wireless network to challenge Verizon Wireless and AT&T in America

Google Wireless

Technology giant GOOGLE is set to compete with the top two United States wireless providers — AT&T and Verizon. The new

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Asteroid impact may not be the main killer of dinosaurs 65 million years ago

Dinosaurs | Charles R. Knight

A NEW RESEARCH is challenging the widely accepted hypothesis that a large ASTEROID killed all the dinosaurs on this planet, the

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Milky Way galaxy wormhole exists? Shortcut to places light-years away tackled

The Milky Way Galaxy

As a story backdrop, the Earth is located in a solar system which lies within the MILKY WAY GALAXY,

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A Frilled Shark “monster” CAPTURED in Australia, gaining online popularity

Frilled Shark, Wikipedia

Summary: A Frilled Shark was captured off the coast of east Australia, and the web is talking about it.


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Facebook updates news feed to reduce hoaxes

FACEBOOK confirmed that it’s bringing a brand new news feed algorithm which will reduce the amount of hoaxes appearing on its site.

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Musk satellites and SpaceX support from internet-obsessed Google

Apparently, ELON MUSK is looking to build satellites that will distribute internet connection across the globe, and it attracted

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AirAsia Flight QZ8501 climbed too fast before it “stalled”

Too fast. The AIRASIA FLIGHT QZ8501 crash which claimed 162 lives climbed too fast says Indonesian officials on Tuesday citing radar records.

The flight

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2014 worst passwords are also most popular, and easy to guess

2014 worst passwords are, well, still very easy to hack.

Netizens are still not into using stronger PASSWORDS according to new report

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Video showing elders playing Grand Theft Auto V trends on YouTube

gta v

GRAND THEFT AUTO V, one of the top “most violent” video game titles on the market today, is trending on

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Apple’s iPhone has secret spy software according to Edward Snowden

According to US Computer professional and famed National Security Agency leaker EDWARD SNOWDEN, Apple’s hit mobile phone product, the iPhone, is a

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Climate Change moves Doomsday Clock “three minutes to midnight”

Doomsday Clock

SCIENTISTS warn that the civilization, as we know it, is moving closer to end due to rising temperature that might

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Barack Obama climate change SOTU “editing” to Davos 2015, and Al Gore

Obama Climate Change

The REPUBLICAN PARTY is in hot water with people on the internet after reports from Reddit found that the

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The most dangerous sex position revealed by new study

SEX POSITION is often a favourite topic of “underground internet” and humour — but for scientists, it’s also a field that requires

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The Flash Revenge Of The Rogues episode teases time travel, chases Firestorm and Heat Wave

Heat Wave, Dominic Purcell, The Flash, THE CW


After the very long season break, the CW’s THE FLASH returned on Tuesday and

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3D-Printed apartment building with 6 floors constructed in China, houses too

3D Printed Apartment Building In China

A company from China is quietly building 3D-PRINTED houses and even an APARTMENT

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NASA’s Hubble shares largest image of Andromeda Galaxy

A portion of the NASA image of the Andromeda Galaxy. Image via NASA/ESA.

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‘Alien’ cosmic radio burst detected from 5.5 billion light-years away

SCIENTISTS continue to listen to SPACE MUSIC to find alien life, and other celestial activities that may lead

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NASA Dawn spacecraft uploads images of DWARF planet Ceres

NASA is celebrating the Dawn spacecraft’s billion miles journey by uploading images of DWARF PLANET called Ceres located beyond

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