Google wireless network to challenge Verizon Wireless and AT&T in America

Google Wireless

Technology giant GOOGLE is set to compete with the top two United States wireless providers — AT&T and Verizon. The new project will start after the search giant signed an MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator service with AT&T and Verizon’s two biggest rivals, Sprint Corporation and T-Mobile USA.

Google, which operates the world’s largest search engine, is also the same company that operates and maintain the most popular mobile operating system in the world based on users, the Android ecosystem. With its own wireless network, Google is a step

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Climate Change moves Doomsday Clock “three minutes to midnight”

Doomsday Clock

SCIENTISTS warn that the civilization, as we know it, is moving closer to end due to rising temperature that might affect food and welfare of people. The so-called DOOMSDAY CLOCK, or the virtual countdown to represent the Earth’s possible catastrophe, was moved three minutes closer to midnight, the closest to the midnight since 1984 during the Cold War when the first hydrogen bomb was tested.

Experts say that the hand of the clock moved amid growing problems caused by climate change or global warming which is believed to be man’s fault.

The Bulletin

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Asteroid impact may not be the main killer of dinosaurs 65 million years ago

Dinosaurs | Charles R. Knight

A NEW RESEARCH is challenging the widely accepted hypothesis that a large ASTEROID killed all the dinosaurs on this planet, the event that changed the food chain and life on Earth forever.

A team of experts in London published a new research that will try to debunk the popular ASTEROID IMPACT HYPOTHESIS that wiped out all the dinosaurs on Earth. Scientists at the University of Exeter, University of Edinburgh and Imperial College London have joined forces to recreate and simulate the asteroid impact collision and see if the energy produced is capable to

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Barack Obama climate change SOTU “editing” to Davos 2015, and Al Gore

Obama Climate Change

The REPUBLICAN PARTY is in hot water with people on the internet after reports from Reddit found that the party’s fact-checking stream on YouTube edit out parts of US PRESIDENT Barack Obama’s State of the Union 2015 address about climate change.

The stream was provided by Republican Party staffers who work for the US House speaker John Boehner.

The edited part started after Obama talked about how the Earth reached the hottest temperature ever recorded last year, and noted how the rest of the last 15 years posted record high temperatures since the 19th century.

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Milky Way galaxy wormhole exists? Shortcut to places light-years away tackled

The Milky Way Galaxy

As a story backdrop, the Earth is located in a solar system which lies within the MILKY WAY GALAXY, a system of billions of planets, stars and other heavenly bodies. Scientists estimate that the Milky Way is around 120,000 to 150,000 light-years in diameter, and it hosts 100 to 400 billion stars. Data from various research papers also suggest that billions of stars in our Milky Way are like our own sun which hosts a rocky planet in a “Goldilocks zone” that can support complex life.

And now, thanks to

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The most dangerous sex position revealed by new study

SEX POSITION is often a favourite topic of “underground internet” and humour — but for scientists, it’s also a field that requires a certain amount of research to avoid injuries and other untoward incidents.

A group of scientists from Brazil gained attention after publishing a research about the dangers amid a sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. The study published last year only gained popularity this year after several popular news outlets including The Telegraph distributed the papers on the web.

As reported, the so-called ‘woman on top’ is described as the

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A Frilled Shark “monster” CAPTURED in Australia, gaining online popularity

Frilled Shark, Wikipedia

Summary: A Frilled Shark was captured off the coast of east Australia, and the web is talking about it.

An old species of SHARK is gaining popularity today after news articles appeared on the web about the so-called FRILLED SHARK MONSTER captured by fishermen off the waters near the Victoria area in Australia last month.

As reported by the Sky News Australia, the rare sea creature with scientific name Chlamydoselachus anguineus, has successfully attracted attention — worth noting the shark-obsessed United States — after images of the creature were distributed to the

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The Flash Revenge Of The Rogues episode teases time travel, chases Firestorm and Heat Wave

Heat Wave, Dominic Purcell, The Flash, THE CW


After the very long season break, the CW’s THE FLASH returned on Tuesday and gave fans a new episode that introduced a new villain, a mystery character to look forward to — and a short and witty hint teasing about the show’s upcoming dealing with time travel.

Careful for spoilers.

Here’s some of the interesting moments of the Season 1’s episode 10 entitled “Revenge of the Rogues” — from new villains, scenes laying out of issues for future twists, the teasing of time travel, and a substory called project F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M.


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Facebook updates news feed to reduce hoaxes

FACEBOOK confirmed that it’s bringing a brand new news feed algorithm which will reduce the amount of hoaxes appearing on its site.

This update, according to its latest blog post, is the tech giant’s answer to numerous reports from people who are asking for the company to address the growing number of fake news articles, hoaxes and click-baits appearing on their news feeds — like free iPhone 6 or an article about something or an event that never happened.

To reduce the amount of hoaxes appearing today, Facebook said that it’s reducing the redistribution of posts

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3D-Printed apartment building with 6 floors constructed in China, houses too

3D Printed Apartment Building In China

A company from China is quietly building 3D-PRINTED houses and even an APARTMENT BUILDING, and the project started last year. The company named WinSun claims to have printed walls and supplies to build 10 houses a day, and now, it’s taking center stage after displaying its 6-floor apartment building made using 3D printers.

Last year, Xinhua.com reported that WinSun was able to make houses, and now a large building, just by using four printers (10 meters wide and 6.6 meters high) with automated sprays equipped.

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Musk satellites and SpaceX support from internet-obsessed Google

Apparently, ELON MUSK is looking to build satellites that will distribute internet connection across the globe, and it attracted a new backer, Google. As reported today by various sources on the web, Elon Musk’s SpaceX has just secured a fresh new round of funding worth billion dollars from two new investors, Google and Fidelity.

With the new funding, search giant Google and Fidelity now joining SpaceX venture with about 10 percent of the company, and for SpaceX, it now brags a total funding worth of at least $10 billion.

The confirmation

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NASA’s Hubble shares largest image of Andromeda Galaxy

A portion of the NASA image of the Andromeda Galaxy. Image via NASA/ESA.

In the midst of upgrading faster internet connection, NASA is sharing by far the biggest image ever taken of the Andromeda Galaxy, the cluster of stars considered to be the nearest from the galaxy we belong, the Milky Way.

At least 100 million stars are seen shining from the image with pixel density of 69,536 x 22,230 pixels, with a total of 1,545.8 megapixels in one shot. For a comparison, the display on the iPhone 6 offers

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AirAsia Flight QZ8501 climbed too fast before it “stalled”

Too fast. The AIRASIA FLIGHT QZ8501 crash which claimed 162 lives climbed too fast says Indonesian officials on Tuesday citing radar records.

The flight which originated from Surabaya in Indonesia, was travelling upwards at a speed that was higher than normal before stalling, or in aviation, the moment the airplane’s wings stopped producing lift.

Investigators also ruled out the possibility of terrorism citing the recordings which transcribed voices of the pilots only.

The AirAsia flight QZ8501 crashed in Java Sea less than halfway into the 2-hour flight from Surabaya to Singapore.

Last week, a Singaporean navy ship

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‘Alien’ cosmic radio burst detected from 5.5 billion light-years away

SCIENTISTS continue to listen to SPACE MUSIC to find alien life, and other celestial activities that may lead to discoveries that can develop human technology.

Luckily in 2007, mysterious and strong rhythm of radio waves from billion of light years away from Earth were detected. It’s also the first time that the radio bursts were observed in real-time according to scientists from Australia.

The burst last just milliseconds, but its age, as ancient as billion of years, is making it very exciting.  CSIRO’s Parkes telescope detected the waves.

Emily Petroff, a

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2014 worst passwords are also most popular, and easy to guess

2014 worst passwords are, well, still very easy to hack.

Netizens are still not into using stronger PASSWORDS according to new report by SplashData, a provider of online security systems and services.

In the midst of corporate hacking and debates over online privacy, people on the web are still using weaker and easy-to-crack- passwords including 123456 — the most popular password used by people online last year. Other surging combinations based on last year’s data include the word password, 12345, 123456789, baseball, dragon and even the word football. Surprisingly, two DC comics characters

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NASA Dawn spacecraft uploads images of DWARF planet Ceres

NASA is celebrating the Dawn spacecraft’s billion miles journey by uploading images of DWARF PLANET called Ceres located beyond Pluto.

The United States space agency on Monday released pixelated photos of Ceres which were taken January 13. “The image hints at craters on the surface of Ceres,” NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory said in a press statement.

The Dawn spacecraft is scheduled to reach Ceres by March 6, 2015.

The image below shows Ceres looking lonely — taken when the Dawn spacecraft was 238,000 miles away from the planet.

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Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon selfie photo destroys the generic “world peace” answer

MISS UNIVERSE is an annual contest about beauty and claims to promote friendship and global unity in the midst of cultural, policies and religion differences — but sadly, a controversy involving MISS ISRAEL and MISS LEBANON confirmed one fact — the pageant is not enough to promote WORLD PEACE.

Miss Lebanon Saly Greige is trying to distance herself from an Instagram photo of her and Miss Israel Doron Matalon after calls for her to be stripped of her Miss Lebanon title. The issue? Well, it’s the relationship of Israel and Lebanon, two neighboring countries in the Middle East which

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Some UFO reports from US Air Force declassified and now available online

UFO fans rejoice, the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE has declassified files containing information about UFO sightings, related incident reports and other information reported by its agents and employees.

As noted by the MILITARY TIMES, at least 130,000 pages of declassified UFO reports are now viewable on the web (without any restrictions) — at the site called the Blackvault.com — available to anyone who wants to dig into UFO accounts filed during the 1940s to the late 60s. People can search by keyword, like a city

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Turkey’s government could block Twitter, again

The Turkish government threatened to shut down the popular micro-blogging site Twitter in the country — forcing the site to delete a local newspaper’s tweets containing documents about a police raid on Turkish Intelligence Agency trucks that were traveling to neighboring country Syria.

TURKEY and TWITTER are again in an “online war” after the latter refused to grant the government’s request to delete or block a local newspaper’s account, several news agencies revealed.

Last week, the Turkish government announced that it will block the US-based tech company Twitter unless it will block the account of

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Long work hours linked to more “risky” booze

If a new study is to be believed, then workers who are looking to have a longer life should stop taking overtimes.

Well, this could lead to fewer people drinking more alcohol — and that’s by cutting work hours.

A recent study conducted by the BMJ claims that the longer the work time of one person, the higher the chance that he will engage in a “risky alcohol consumption.”

Before we dig in, I should note that for a drinking party to be called a risky consumption, women must drink 14 per week, and 21 drinks for men.

Moving on,

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