HERSHEY deal halts UK MILKY chocolate imports into US, some businesses will be affected

Bad news for people who prefer the British version of CADBURY, KitKat, Toffee Crisps and more, HERSHEY and Let’s Buy British Imports

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Chemists unboil egg, could lower costs for cancer treatment

Hard Boiled Egg

Meanwhile in the world of MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY, chemists found a way to UNBOIL EGG.

From the hard-boiled bird embryo to

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Verizon super cookies opened ‘the gate’ of online profiting

Verizon Wireless

To recap, last year, it was reported that VERIZON WIRLESS is injecting some codes to customer devices to track them down

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Facebook intros LITE app to attract new login in ‘2G’ countries

Facebook Lite

Here in UNITED STATES, and other developed countries, we have the so-called ultra-fast internet connection, whether on wireless or through

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MARS conspiracy theorists claim NASA photo shows life on red planet

NASA Curiosity Rover Shadow

Meanwhile on the internet, several news agencies boost the new conspiracy theory claims that Read More

Mom not happy with school bus with Pentagram brake lights

School Bus

Meanwhile in TENNESSEE, one outraged mom made local headlines after she reported a school bus with PENTAGRAM printed on its red

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Drone that can fly and walk is a Batman gear must-have

DALER Vampire Bat Robot

Here’s one cool invention, a DRONE that can FLY and WALK — beating the conventional drone system which is

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Fish found by Whillans Ice Stream researchers beneath Antarctica makes Europa more interesting

Fish Whillans Ice Stream Drilling Research Project, Antarctica

FISH and CRUSTACEANS found by Whillans Ice Stream researchers flourishing beneath the Arctic ice shelf is

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Scientists slow down speed of light by using a “special mask”

Beam of light

Brilliant SCIENTISTS from the UK have managed to SLOW DOWN THE SPEED OF LIGHT which is considered as an “absolute”

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From a rover to a drone, NASA now planning to put a helicopter on Mars

NASA MARS Helicopter Drone

What’s the difference between a ROVER and a DRONE? Firstly, the drone can travel faster than the rover,

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Closer to finding ALIEN LIFE? Astronomers discover ancient solar system

Kepler 444 Artist Illustration

SCIENTISTS from the United States and United Kingdom found an ancient solar system with 5 planets that are

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Facebook and Instagram are down, people unable to login [Update]


FACEBOOK and its sister web service INSTAGRAM, are down as of this writing (see update below). Several news agencies and people on

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SO CLOSE: Asteroid to pass by Earth is close, yet so far to kill us

Asteroid Stock

In case you’re living under a rock, EARTH, the only known living planet in the Milky Way Galaxy (since we

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FOUND: Alien planet J1407B ring system extremely larger than Saturn

J1407B Rings

A group of scientists published a ginormous finding that makes the SATURN RINGS smaller. Meet the J1407, a young Sun-like star

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Scientists found a quasar that dimmed, Black Hole on a diet?

Quasar Original

SCIENTISTS have been studying QUASARS for half a century already, but this is the first time that they discovered something

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Google Fiber has added new “potential” expansion sites in North Carolina

Google Fiber Expansion USA

GOOGLE FIBER, the ultra-fast internet with cable TV service, is confirmed to “possibly” expand in North Carolina cities, Raleigh

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Post traumatic stress disorder first recorded 3,000 years ago


PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is affecting hundreds if not thousands of soldiers from Britain and the United States after

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Medieval Remedies book claims horse poop can cure wobbly tooth


Here’s ONE crazy find from the United Kingdom which revealed that frogs legs, deadly chemical and other crazy items were used by

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Apple Watch development prioritizing time-keeping and battery life

Apple Watch interface

How much do you remember about the APPLE WATCH? In case you need a recap, Apple introduced its first smartwatch

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Netherlands opens its doors to driverless cars testing

The NETHERLANDS, possibly overtaking the United States in terms of “openness,” is the next go-to territory of the self-driving cars market. The

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