Verizon super cookies opened ‘the gate’ of online profiting

Verizon Wireless

To recap, last year, it was reported that VERIZON WIRLESS is injecting some codes to customer devices to track them down — and of course, data produced by these so-called SUPERCOOKIES would allow the wireless carrier to serve better advertisements, and gain more profit from its customers.

Several privacy groups called for the removal of such codes because it violates a person’s privacy on the web especially while using his/her Verizon Wireless-connected device.

And now, The New York Times highlighted yet another problem surrounding the Verizon super-cookies.

Citing a blog post by Jonathan Mayer, a lawyer

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SO CLOSE: Asteroid to pass by Earth is close, yet so far to kill us

Asteroid Stock

In case you’re living under a rock, EARTH, the only known living planet in the Milky Way Galaxy (since we haven’t found an alien planet with life yet), is soon to experience an asteroid passing by near orbit. This celestial body’s name is not-so-catchy 2004 BL86.

It’s close that scientists including folks over at NASA used the term “pass by” to denote how near it is from us, but technically, it’s still far from our planet’s orbit that even the gravitational attraction of Earth which

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Facebook intros LITE app to attract new login in ‘2G’ countries

Facebook Lite

Here in UNITED STATES, and other developed countries, we have the so-called ultra-fast internet connection, whether on wireless or through cable, but majority of countries across the globe are still ‘in the dark’ when it comes to the so-called 4G speeds — so, it’s no surprise that FACEBOOK is prioritizing new login by attracting users from the the 2G countries or emerging markets which are still stuck with slower data speeds.

Now available at the GOOGLE PLAY STORE, or Android’s official application market place, the app called FACEBOOK LITE is promising social networking

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FOUND: Alien planet J1407B ring system extremely larger than Saturn

J1407B Rings

A group of scientists published a ginormous finding that makes the SATURN RINGS smaller. Meet the J1407, a young Sun-like star found in 2012 by astronomers from University of Rochester headed by Eric Mamajek. This star hosts a gas giant or a companion brown dwarf called J1407B — and this massive Jupiter-like celestial object is the host of the very wide ring system which is believed to eclipse even the host star.

Based on calculations made by group of astronomers from the Rochester University and the Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands, this ring system is roughly 200

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MARS conspiracy theorists claim NASA photo shows life on red planet

NASA Curiosity Rover Shadow

Meanwhile on the internet, several news agencies boost the new conspiracy theory claims that NASA leaked LIFE ON MARS.

It’s more than decades-long question already, is Mars a life-bearing planet? Now, several conspiracy theorists point to a new RAW IMAGE provided by the United States agency’s Mars rover, Curiosity, which they claim to show a shadowy picture of what appears to be a man wearing an astronaut-like outfit.

Reports also added that this ‘man’ appears to be fixing the multi-billion dollar worth machine which is

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Scientists found a quasar that dimmed, Black Hole on a diet?

Quasar Original

SCIENTISTS have been studying QUASARS for half a century already, but this is the first time that they discovered something new — a quasar’s black hole is on a “diet,” literally.

YALE UNIVERSITY astronomers have spotted the first ever quasar that transformed, from a bright star0like object to an object in our universe that is on dimmer state, less starry I guess?

“We’ve looked at hundreds of thousands of quasars at this point, and now we’ve found one that has switched off,” said C. Megan Urry, the research’s co-author and professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at

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Mom not happy with school bus with Pentagram brake lights

School Bus

Meanwhile in TENNESSEE, one outraged mom made local headlines after she reported a school bus with PENTAGRAM printed on its red tail lights.

As reported by a local news there, the parent wanted the operator of the bus to remove the pentagram immediately because she believes it is a satanic symbol.

“Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged,” the mom said in an interview with a local Memphis news program.

In case you’re baffled, pentagram came from a combination of two Greek words, penté and grammé which means “five lines”

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Google Fiber has added new “potential” expansion sites in North Carolina

Google Fiber Expansion USA

GOOGLE FIBER, the ultra-fast internet with cable TV service, is confirmed to “possibly” expand in North Carolina cities, Raleigh and Durham. The search giant’s sought-after broadband internet connection has confirmed its potential expansion via the service’s official website.

According to a local news there, Google is planning to start the construction in April, and it’s now actively looking for local consortium to begin building the inter-connected fiber network with direct connection to homes.

Additionally, sources of the website say that Google already hired drill crews to construct the network underground to several key areas within the

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Drone that can fly and walk is a Batman gear must-have

DALER Vampire Bat Robot

Here’s one cool invention, a DRONE that can FLY and WALK — beating the conventional drone system which is limited to just one main ability.

This thing is called DALER, short for Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot which was designed and constructed by researchers in Switzerland’s EPFL institution.

Apparently, the popular comic book superhero BATMAN can own this thing, it features wings that when retracted, it can move on ground, or fly when its wings are extended. The Swiss drone is not a slouch also, it can fly with a respectable speed

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Post traumatic stress disorder first recorded 3,000 years ago


PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is affecting hundreds if not thousands of soldiers from Britain and the United States after wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — but this condition is not exclusive to modern day society according to a new research paper entitled ‘Nothing New Under the Sun: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders in the Ancient World’ by Prof Jamie Hacker Hughes and Dr Walid Abdul-Hamid.

The study claims that 3,000 years ago, around the time Europeans and parts of Middle East were engaged in continuous wars, soldiers then exhibited symptoms

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Fish found by Whillans Ice Stream researchers beneath Antarctica makes Europa more interesting

Fish Whillans Ice Stream Drilling Research Project, Antarctica

FISH and CRUSTACEANS found by Whillans Ice Stream researchers flourishing beneath the Arctic ice shelf is a wonderful discovery — not only because it confirms complex life can thrive anywhere on Earth even under extreme environment, but it’s also raising more questions about possible life-related secrets of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, the ice-covered natural satellite orbiting the large gas giant 390,400,000 miles away from us.

These creatures are living beneath the ROSS ICE SHELF about 850 kilometers from open ocean. Stuck below thick sheet of ice and constantly bombarded with dusts,

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Medieval Remedies book claims horse poop can cure wobbly tooth


Here’s ONE crazy find from the United Kingdom which revealed that frogs legs, deadly chemical and other crazy items were used by people from 500 years ago as “herbal medicines.”

The old book of MEDIEVAL REMEDIES was discovered by John Adams, a former economist and now a historian from Purley. He found the book while on an archaeological dig in Syon Abbey. Mr. Adams is aware that this book is not for modern-day usage, including the person who made the compilation.

Here’s some of my personal favorites, firstly, the horse poop can cure a

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Scientists slow down speed of light by using a “special mask”

Beam of light

Brilliant SCIENTISTS from the UK have managed to SLOW DOWN THE SPEED OF LIGHT which is considered as an “absolute” — will this change how scientists and us view the universe? Can this discovery make us develop new technologies?

According to a report from the BBC, a group of scientists from the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance has achieved the goal of slowing down the speed of light even on free space. In case you’re new to this, light’s travel time can be altered by running it through materials like water, but

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Apple Watch development prioritizing time-keeping and battery life

Apple Watch interface

How much do you remember about the APPLE WATCH? In case you need a recap, Apple introduced its first smartwatch last year during the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The two handsets are already available in the market since September 2014, while it has been decided that the Apple Watch will not arrive until the first quarter of this year — based on early reports.

As of late, the Apple smartwatch is actively re-appearing on news feeds and social media portals after a reputable “Apple source”

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From a rover to a drone, NASA now planning to put a helicopter on Mars

NASA MARS Helicopter Drone

What’s the difference between a ROVER and a DRONE? Firstly, the drone can travel faster than the rover, then secondly, flying is cool. So it’s no surprise NASA is now looking to send a special drone to our close neighbor planet Mars that is energy efficient, and more effective while exploring the alien planet’s unexplored terrains.

The goal of the NASA MARS DRONE is to improve a rover’s capacity allowing scientists to see “the bigger picture” before commanding the rover. Plus, a flying machine with cameras equipped can capture shots of

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Netherlands opens its doors to driverless cars testing

The NETHERLANDS, possibly overtaking the United States in terms of “openness,” is the next go-to territory of the self-driving cars market. The Dutch government has agreed to tweak its road rules to allow car companies test their driverless cars and trucks on public roads.

With visible regulations, the Dutch government will allow tech companies conduct “large-scale” testing because they believe that this technology could greatly improve road safety and reduce traffic jams.

Dutch ministry spokesman Marianne Wuite told the AFP that changes to legislation this year will allow testing to commence in the summer.


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Asteroid 2004 BL86 to fly by close to Earth, and NASA says..

NASA Asteroid

The large ASTEROID called 2004 BL86 will fly by near the Earth on Monday — and it’s a big rock, about a third of a mile or five football fields across. Should we worry? Is this the end of us?

NASA says NO, life will go on — this large asteroid will break some records, but poses no threat to life on Earth.

Asteroid 2004 BL86 is one of many asteroids that fly inside our solar system, and also one of many that fly within Earth’s orbit. This one is will fly around three

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Video showing elders playing Grand Theft Auto V trends on YouTube

gta v

GRAND THEFT AUTO V, one of the top “most violent” video game titles on the market today, is trending on video sharing site YouTube after the React channel challenged senior citizens play it for the first time.

The video entitled “Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V” — was uploaded on YouTube on Wednesday only, and it’s already attracting millions of reaction on tech blogs and social media sites. As of late, the video received 3.4 million video views and nearly 90K reactions, mostly thumbs up.

Elders mostly played the game driving —

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China to build Beijing to Moscow train with $242 Billion price tag

Beijing Moscow Railroad

CHINA is building a very-very long railroad stretching from its capital Beijing to its ally’s center of trade, Moscow, Russia according to report by Bloomberg.

This massive project is promising faster travel from China to Russia — just 30 hours — and that’s faster than the current 5-day journey time by travelling through existing railroads located in both countries.

It’s no secret that China and Russia are trade partners, and so, this massive project with price tag of $242 Billion can be considered as one of the top infrastructure priorities of both

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Apple’s iPhone has secret spy software according to Edward Snowden

According to US Computer professional and famed National Security Agency leaker EDWARD SNOWDEN, Apple’s hit mobile phone product, the iPhone, is a device with a spyware — so he and his security refused to use it.

Claims of iPhone’s secret software came from Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena who spoke to a local Russian news agency according to reports by The Independent.

Kucherena claims that the software questioned on the popular consumer device can activate itself remotely and without the owner “having to press a button.” This spyware can reportedly gather information from the phone.


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