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BlackBerry Ltd’s BB Passport is the “fusion” of two mobile phones

BlackBerry Ltd’s future is exciting with the upcoming launch of BB Passport, the Waterloo-based tech company’s most ambitious phone to date.

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As mentioned by our report about the new BlackBerry Passport video — BlackBerry Ltd will use its popular qwerty keyboard to attract smartphone buyers in the midst of the touchscreen-equipped smartphone boom.

The video confirmed that the BlackBerry Passport’s keyboard will be responsive, and will act as a “giant trackpad” that will allow users to interact to the phone’s touchscreen display. That is actually a very smart idea, BlackBerry Passport is like the lovechild of BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 because it will merge the strengths of the two aforementioned phones into one giant package, but the question is, will this combination work in the saturated smartphone market?

The BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 were made for the consumer market, or the same market target of Apple’s iPhone and other popular handsets that run Google Android operating system. With the new BlackBerry Passport, the Waterloo company is reportedly targeting the business sector and certain industries and “niches” — while still focusing on the same market that is currently being occupied by Google’s mobile operating system and Apple’s iPhone.

BlackBerry Ltd thinks the BB Passport’s display size is perfect for business because spreadsheets (and other business documents) will fit better on a square display with pixel density of more than 450 per inch — than the “traditional” rectangular touchscreen display found on modern mobile phones in the market right now.

BlackBerry Passport is also playing nice with specs-conscious customers, specifically the large chunk of consumers who currently own Android-powered devices. The BB Passport, just like a modern mobile phone, is set to ship with a quad-core processor, 3GB RAM, a micro-USB port, Near Field Communication and large 32GB of on-board storage. And because it’s made for business, BlackBerry Passport will also offer external storage via a micro-SD card slot.

BlackBerry has nothing to share yet about the phone’s price, release date and market coverage to share — but I heard that BlackBerry will give some businesses an early access to the phone, specifically those that are demanding for a new work phone for its employees.

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