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Facebook to unleash “Mentions Box” at Emmys 2014

facebook-mentions-box-emmys-2014It looks like Facebook is on extra effort to boost its “celebrity posts” market share.

The social networking company partnered with Washington-based iStrategylabs to create the “Mentions Box” — a large toy-like tablet that will take feed posts from Access Hollywood’s page, Facebook’s partner at Emmys 2014. Facebook will select questions posted on Access Hollywood’s Facebook page and deliver the question to the celebrity.

The giant tablet sporting Facebook’s “Mentions” branding will work like an 8-ball in the form of Etch-A-Sketch, according to the device’s developer, iStrategylabs.

Facebook launched the “Mentions” app last month on Android and iOS, and it’s targeting celebrities and famous personalities who own pages with “many likes.” The idea is to simplify the interaction between the celebrity and his or her fans. If this sounds familiar, well, it’s like Twitter in a form of a new Facebook app.

Apparently, Facebook is trying many strategies to lure celebrities and famous people away from Twitter which is still considered as the market’s first choice. Source: iStrategylabs, WSJ.