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Microsoft Corporation to launch a Miracast dongle product, leak confirmed

Google ChromecastMicrosoft Corporation will challenge Google’s successful product, the Google Chromecast.

First spotted by Windows Phone Daily, an FCC filing has confirmed that Microsoft will offer a device called Miracast dongle, and it’s an accessory that will support Windows Phone-based handsets. Similar to Chromecast, future owners of this device will have the ability to mirror their phone’s display on a TV set or larger screen.

Chromecast is a successful product mainly because it’s cheap, easy to use, and doesn’t rely on third-party developer updates to use. The device is still available and sporting the tag price of $35.

Just like Chromecast, Microsoft’s digital media player will also rely on wireless delivery through WiFi direct connection just like Apple TV, and users can beam a video playing on a Nokia Lumia device to a large TV instantly using the unannounced product.

For example, you can watch Netflix on your TV with Microsoft’s dongle by just playing the video on your Windows Phone, and clicking one button or two — depending on Microsoft’s software.

It’s also safe to assume that the Redmond-based tech giant will add support for its Internet Explorer web browser and Windows OS through a simple software update. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Cyan update added the support for the screencasting standard, PC World revealed.