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Amazon intros CPM advertising program, rivals Google Adsense

Amazon CPM Advertising Network IllustrationThe more the merrier right? But for online advertising, there are few choices for bloggers and small to medium-scale publishers.

Luckily, there’s a new large company that will join the market, and hopefully, it’s willing to pay more. Meet Amazon’s newly-launched CPM program for its affiliate network, and it’s directly competing with Google Adsense, the tech giant’s online advertising platform.

Similar to Adsense, publishers can generate revenue through CPM or cost per mille, or the form of paying publishers based on the amount of traffic or how many online visitors have seen the advertisements. Unlike the pure cost per click build, CPM can give publishers additional revenue, and this model is specifically beneficial for websites that attract thousands or millions of visits per month.

Amazon’s CPM for its affiliates is possibly in beta mode as of late because according to Techcrunch, only few Amazon Associates account can access it. Zatznotfunny.com is one of the few early birds that received an invite from Amazon — and the site reported that Amazon’s new CPM banner advertising is currently offering four sizes.

Unlike Google Adsense and other top internet advertising networks, Amazon is giving publishers the option to place their own target CPM or the amount that the publisher thinks is the worth of each 1,000 views on his or her site.

As expected, Amazon is still new in the CPM business because it reportedly failed to honor the targeted CPM posted by Zatznotfunny, and some few display bugs within the banner advertisement.