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Developers beware: most smartphone owners in U.S. don’t download apps

Smartphone Apps Illustration.Is this the start of the “end of apps” saga? A new report from comScore revealed some disturbing numbers — and that is 65 percent of Americans don’t download apps in a month. For beginners, the new data suggested that 6 or 7 out of 10 Americans who own a smartphone don’t download a new app in a month — and only 1 or 2 Americans are downloading 1 or 2 apps in the span of 30 days.

What do these numbers imply? Well, it’s safe to say that smartphone owners in the U.S. are not obsessed with new apps, and this trend could actually hurt smartphone app developers, and benefit app owners and top developers who are already generating revenue from their creations.

It’s plausible that this trend could be the effect of improvements in camera hardware on phones and most phones these days are saving bigger photo and video files — leaving their phones with smaller spare space to work with their apps. Another possible reason is the saturation of top mobile application stores, specifically the Google Play Store on Android and Apple App Store. It’s actually harder to find decent apps now as these stores dictate what’s the best and what’s not.

And here’s the actual breakdown of percentage according to comScore. A whopping 65.5 percent of the smartphone market in the US download no apps in a month, while 8.4 percent of phone owners have downloaded just 1 application in 30 days. 8.9 percent have downloaded 2 apps, 6.2 percent have downloaded 3 apps and smartphone owners who downloaded more than 4 apps in a month are sitting on market share lower than 5 percent.

No wonder people hate Facebook’s new rule of forcing people to download a separate messenger app. It looks like smartphone owners are not generous enough to give apps some space on their phones.

Source: Quartz.