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Microsoft Corporation To Sell New Nokia Phones With Opera Mini Web Browser

Nokia Store

With shrinking mobile operating system market share and ongoing rise of competitor platforms specifically Android, Microsoft is now moving towards lower-end of the mobile market to stay relevant — and so we’re receiving more news about Microsoft’s feature phones business strategy. Some may call these phones as “dumb phones” but on a business viewpoint, they’re cash cows that sometimes generate bigger revenue than top-end smartphones with impressive specs. And so, how can Microsoft make its Nokia phones more attractive?

According to a new article by Reuters, Microsoft Corporation and Norway-based software maker Opera both signed a deal allowing Nokia Series handsets to ship to consumers with the Opera Mini as the default web browser. Plus, Opera will also take over the “browser building” department of Microsoft’s Nokia division.

In the next coming months, Microsoft will start selling Nokia Series and Nokia Asha handsets with Opera Mini web browser, and both companies feel this strategy will be profitable — on both sides.

Current Nokia cheap phones are also expected to upgrade to a new software with Opera Mini as the default web browser.

This deal is interesting because Microsoft operates its own web browser, but it’s crystal clear that Internet Explorer is too big enough to be on handsets with low specs. Having said that, high-end Nokia handsets running Microsoft’s Windows Phone will still rely on Internet Explorer as go-to default web browser.