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Google acquires Instagram data-collecting app JetPac

Location Sharing Illustration

Google is on a shopping spree again, and this time, it acquired a mobile app called JetPac. This purchase will give the search giant a new tool to enhance its local search and location-specific search results specifically the Google Now platform.

Similar to other Google acquisitions, the deal’s price tag was not revealed.

Sadly for users of this app, JetPac will remove the app on Apple’s mobile application store — and it’s safe to say that Google will exclusively use the app’s algorithm to its own advantage.

JetPac accumulates data from publicly posted images on Facebook’s popular photo sharing site, Instagram — and transforms the data into a very informative “city guide.”

With millions of users uploading their photos publicly on Instagram, Google will easily discover popular establishments on any city, and in addition to data check-ins, Google can use the app’s vigorous data to know popular destinations too like popular cities where tourists go, and vacation spots too.

Google is currently one of the top mobile application developers based on Apple’s US iTunes Store. Plus, Google also operates Android, the most popular mobile operating system in the world which currently owns more than 80 percent of the total market. With a large user base, Google is generating revenue from advertising — and with richer location-specific data, Google can easily boost the prices of ad placements, specifically the ads that target local search queries.