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Gmail app for Android & iPhone updated with Google Drive attachment and saving support

Google rolls out new update for iOS and Android Gmail apps allowing users to save attachments from Gmail to Google Drive and option to attach Google Drive files into Gmail messages.

Google Drive support on new Gmail appsTo compete with Dropbox and Mailbox file sync support, search engine giant Google has launched a new update for its Gmail Android and iPhone apps.

Consumers can update to the new Gmail app by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and click the “update” button.

With this new app update, Gmail on mobile can easily save files saved from Gmail to Google Drive, the tech giant’s own cloud storage service. Users can also insert files from Google Drive directly into Gmail messages. This is helpful because this feature allows up to 1TB files.

Google Drive by default is giving away free 15TB per account with easy upgrade to add additional storage space. As of today, Google Drive with 100GB additional storage is sporting the monthly price tag of $1.99, or go max with 30TB additional storage with $299.99 fee per month.

Apart from inclusion of Google Drive file attachments and instant save, the new Gmail update also added advanced account management option including quick access to profile picture on the settings panel.

Can this new update lure more monthly paying Google Drive customers? Just recently, Google introduced Google Drive for Work, the Mountain View company’s IT business solution with affordable fee for medium-sized to large companies that want a large file storage with collaboration platform. Google Drive for Work competes with Microsoft’s Office and OneDrive services and of course, Dropbox’s Business Solution. This new update is also useful for consumers who own a device with small storage space, like the Google Nexus 5 with 16GB storage.

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