Social networking site Facebook unveils a brand new software update for iPhone (iOS) app which significantly improves the app’s scrolling speed — from scanning through newsfeed to jumping from slide-in menu to external links, groups, pages, etc.

Introduced on Wednesday, Facebook said the new application upgrade for Apple devices offers faster loading of newsfeed especially on older devices which are powered by weaker hardware, like the iPhone 4 with single-core processor as the best example to note.

Also worth talking about is the new feature of the FB app which addresses slow wireless internet connection (2G, 3G, LTE), perfect for Facebook users residing in countries where majority of carriers are still not updating their infrastructure. It is my duty to mention that some countries in Asia and Africa are still stuck with 2G phone connection, and poor 3G and LTE coverage.

Facebook said the new software update will allow iPhone users to create a post even while connected to a slow internet, and the app will automatically post the status update, or a photo upload, etc when the user connects the phone to a faster internet, like a WiFi signal.

And finally, the social network’s new iPhone app also added the “preview” feature allowing iOS-powered users to review “what post will look like” and can access the option to “remove any suggested links before sharing what you’re reading, watching or listening to.”

Source: App Store (US).