New MacBook Pro & MacBook Air 2014 to win against Microsoft Corporation’s Surface Pro 3?

Microsoft Corporation wants to steal some customers from Apple with its new Surface Pro 3, but opinions posted online suggest the new “laptop replacement” product from Redmond is still far from achieving the goal.

Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro 3 Tablet Computer

The new Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is good-looking and powerful device. It’s the best Surface tablet to date thanks to Intel’s 4th generation processor, the tablet’s impressive display, and the Surface Pro 3′s build quality. According to, the new Surface is “remarkably” thin and light and easier to use a standalone tablet computer — but here’s what’s interesting, Microsoft’s new hardware isn’t targeting the iPad. The company has decided to advertise the new Surface Pro as a device than can replace the laptop, specifically the MacBook Air and even the MacBook Pro.

Last week, the internet was instantly abuzz after the launch of Microsoft’s most-direct attack against Apple yet, the $650 credit promo in which is trying to convince MacBook Air users to trade in their MacBook Air and use the credit to buy the Surface Pro 3. Can this initiative lure customers and persuade them to dump Apple’s Mac OS X and use Windows 8 with all its touchscreen glory? For, the Microsoft trade-in promo makes no sense. The tech site claims the MacBook Air is “far superior” than the Surface Pro 3 “as a laptop.” Meanwhile, analyst at Motley Fool is suggesting that Microsoft Corporation will lose money on the Surface Pro 3 and all its marketing strategies including the MacBook Air trade-in promo. “($650) is a hefty amount to offer considering an entry-level Surface Pro 3 starts at $799,” Fool’s Steve Symington explains. He also added that the Surface Pro 3 is still considered expensive if a consumer will use it as a laptop. Symington was referring to the Surface Pro 3′s type cover which is sold separately for $130 each.

With all these issues — can a new MacBook Pro with Retina display, or a new MacBook Air for 2014 attract more buyers? The answer to this question would depend on how Apple will upgrade the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Forget the touchscreen, Apple’s Craig Federighi already crushed all hopes that the MacBook will sport a touchscreen display because they believe that it will not offer a “good experience.”

The new MacBook Pro 2014, possibly including the new MacBook Air — are expected to arrive later this year alongside the public release of the new Mac OS X 10.10 update called Yosemite. For beginners, Apple’s Yosemite update will offer a user interface inspired by the iOS mobile operating system. As described by The Verge, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite offers “flat design, translucent panels, and absence of gradients and textures” making the OS much modern — and hopefully for Apple, it’s modern enough to compete with Microsoft’s beautifully crafted Windows 8 operating system.

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  • Nikhil Nag

    Can’t wait to see what apple has in store this year!

  • VMS

    Jon: The iPad is a tablet and the MacBook Air MacBook Pro’s are computers. The Surface Pro3 is a computer (though in tablet format). Hence the competition between them should be with respect to computers for a more appropriate comparison.

  • Curtis Quick

    It should be realized that MS is not targeting Mac fans here. The trade-in program is only to drive home MS’s point that the Surface Pro 3 is a laptop replacement with capabilities equivalent or superior to a MacBook Air. MS knows that Mac fans will choose Macs, and they also know that Surface fans will choose the Surface. MS is targeting the 1.5 billion Windows user base that has been mulling over the replacement for their Windows PC for the past few years. Their PCs are getting older and they are shopping around more urgently now for a replacement. They are increasingly ready to purchase.

    Obviously MS wants them to choose a Windows PC and MS realizes that the best defense is a good offense. That is why MS is positioning the Surface Pro 3 against the MacBook Air. Even though all Mac PCs taken together comprise less than 4% of the total PC market (of which 90% is currently Windows) MS recognizes that the MacBook is a high-profile laptop in the marketplace today. By pointing out how the Surface Pro 3 provides greater capability than a MacBook Air, MS hopes that the 1.5 billion potential customers will see that they can replace their Windows PCs with a Surface Pro 3 and come out with a better deal than a MacBook Air.

    And to a potential customer the promise of Surface is compelling – one device that can provide both a laptop and a tablet experience. A tablet and a laptop for the price of one device. A device that weighs less than both. These two capabilities are attractive to those that would otherwise purchase both and carry both around with them. Of course, to a fan of Mac products this is heresy and will not, must not, fly. But they are not the target audience. The 1.5 billion are. MS hopes to sway them. The only question is, will they? I am guessing that 3rd times a charm here and there seems to be some hints from Gartner that the Surface Pro 3 is creating a new product category, ultra mobiles, that is gaining significant traction in the marketplace. But only time will tell.