Facebook’s new privacy program offers a dinosaur mascot



Facebook is launching a new privacy program which aims to protect new users from posting publicly. The new program also adds instruction on how to configure posting privacy, and also notifies current and old users about the status of their privacy settings, in case the user hasn’t updated his or her settings for sometime.

But apart from the new system, users also noticed something new on Facebook’s new program — a mascot. It’s the first time the social networking site is using a cartoon as its image or icon. According to nytimes.com bits blog, people working on Facebook who requested anonymity revealed the name of the blue dinosaur mascot — and he’s Zuckasaurus — named after the popular CEO and co-founder of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg.

It was also revealed that Facebook tested various designs for its privacy ambassador, and apparently ended up with the blue dinosaur with his own props like a blue MacBook Pro-like laptop and a machine with controls. The blue dinosaur doesn’t appear on Facebook’s mobile application at the moment.

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