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Apple Inc. to replace defective iPhone 5 batteries

iPhone 5 Battery Life

Apple Inc. finally acknowledges the fact that some iPhone 5 units were shipped with defective non-removable battery, and so, the tech giant said it will replace affected units for free.

Apple shipped millions of iPhone 5 units for the past year, so to simplify the process, Apple has created a web page where iPhone 5 owners can securely submit their smartphone’s serial number.

According to Apple’s page, faulty iPhone 5 units were shipped between the months of September 2012 to January 2013 — or the so-called early bird units. Affected customers can submit their phones to authorized service centers including Apple Stores.

Apple said the replacement process started in United States and China last Friday, and for other countries, affected iPhone 5 owners should visit Apple’s stores and service centers starting on the 29th.

In related news, Apple will sell new smartphones starting next month. The Cupertino-based company is expected to unveil the new iPhone 6, and according to the rumor mill, the handset will become available in two sizes, the smaller 4.7-inch and the “phablet” version with more than 5.5-inch display — and both phones will arrive alongside the launch of the iOS 8 mobile operating system.