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Verizon Communications Finally Giving “Snap” Supercookies Opt Out Option

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Communications said its customers can now opt-out of the ‘super cookies’ which lets the carrier track users and collect information about a customer’s online behaviour.

The largest mobile provider in the United States, Verizon Wireless, said in a press release that it will now give its customers the option to fully evade the super-cookies program aimed at getting online information for marketing purposes.

Verizon has been under fire by privacy groups and its customers after failing to disclose the non-evadable advertising program which gives the company the power to track customers online behavior like sites they visit, products they prefer and more. Experts call this codes “super-cookies” because Verizon Wireless subscribers cannot delete it using device and software settings like clearing the cache.

Customers are now able to avoid the super-cookies which is officially called unique identifier header or UIDH.

In a statement, a Verizon representative said that they take privacy of customers “seriously” so they started expanding the system which offers the complete exit from the program. In the midst of criticisms, Verizon also iterated that they don’t share information with third-parties.

Earlier this week, a lawyer and computer science graduate student at Stanford University, Mr. Jonathan Mayer, revealed in an interview that Verizon’s supercookies is being used by a third-party advertising company to re-create its own codes after customers had decided to delete their device’s cookies. This loophole, without Verizon’s knowledge, is being used by others to track the carrier’s customers and mine data including online purchases.

Customers behaviour on the web is important for Verizon because it gives them the idea how their customers purchase online and what are their interests, whether it’s a mobile brand, programs being offered by rival providers, and more.