Rami, the Pitbull-dachshund breed mix, is creating adoption frenzy

Meet Rami, the first ever Pitbull dachshund to trend on the web while looking for a new owner.

RAMI is a year-old cross-breed of Pitbull dachshund, or like us humans, it’s a combination

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Google created arms with synthetic human skin to fight cancer

Google X Synthetic Arm Human Skin

Google wants to kill cancer using nanotech.

For someone like me who lost a mother to cancer, research

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Google NOW Platform Evolves With A Brand New Deck Of Virtual Cards

New Google Now Cards

Google’s mobile platform, Google Now, is bringing a new set of virtual cards from third-party companies and services including the ability to

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Watch: London Fox filmed visiting a Caffe Nero branch

Fox at Caffe Nero Coffee Shop

FOX sightings everywhere. While people in the U.S. are busy loving the rare red fox spotted skulking inside the Yosemite National

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Jackpot lottery fail in Canada, one man loses millions due to tech “lag”

Lottery ticket

A Canadian man loses more than $13 million cash prize after the lottery computer system “lagged” and placed his winning numbers for

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Chickens “count” from left to right too just like humans, tests show

Chicken, Chick

MULTIPLE tests show that CHICKENS are just like humans when it comes to treating an amount, left for the lower

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What if humans disappeared? Spoiler, Alien geologists will scratch head

Humans Disappeared

Fast forward to a hundred years from now, in a blink of an eye, HUMANS lost 99 percent of its

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Soil nutrients can help solve the Easter Island mystery involving Rapa Nui

Moai in Easter Island

A group of researchers want answers to the popular EASTER ISLAND mystery surrounding the Rapa Nui people, the Polynesian

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CARTOGRAM shows islands bigger, Canada and Australia smaller


One CARTOGRAM contributed to Reddit by TEADRANKS showcases how the 7 billion plus humans are spread out across the

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Google’s Lunar X Prize could create the ‘Moon version’ of FedEx or UPS

Google Apollo 17

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are

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New top 5 safest cities in the world list revealed, NO US city included


Only one city from the United States is included in the top 10 safest cities in the world, but four other US

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Beer can actually help protect brain thanks to hops

Beer drinker

Researchers have added yet another reason to drink beer.

A new study has just confirmed

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Verizon Communications Finally Giving “Snap” Supercookies Opt Out Option

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Communications said its customers can now opt-out of the ‘super cookies’ which lets the carrier track users and collect information about

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Binge-watching TV now linked to depression and lack of control, Netflix fans affected?

Binge Watching TV Show
A new research claims that people who are binge-watching TV shows are more likely to be suffering from undetected

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The “dragon” dinosaur of China discovered, may be taller than a 4-storey building

New Sauropod China Dinosaur also called a dragon

A group of farmers in China first spotted the remains of a 50-foot tall dinosaur, and they’re

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Fossilized jawbone may reveal new ancient human species

Fossilized Jawbone Human Penghu Taiwan

An exciting new discovery in Taiwan may confirm that Asia once hosted several lineages of ancient humans.

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NASA and USU launched space probe to investigate AURORAS

Aurora Probes NASA USU

Around five hours and 41 minutes after midnight yesterday in the chilly state of Alaska, NASA together with the

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Scientists found some modern diseases predate human ancient ancestors

Nomo Neanderthalensis

The EVOLUTION of MAN, as scientists know it, is discussed in the mainstream media mostly with positive outcomes, but a new discovery shows

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TESCO recalls squash with foul smell, organic compound also used as pesticide blamed

Tesco Squash

Meanwhile in United Kingdom, a “silent” recall by TESCO sparks outrage online especially on social media outlets.

Several customers of the retail

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Near Earth asteroid travels with a moon (and not an alien spaceship)

NASA 2004 BL86 asteroid with its moon

Conspiracy theorists are active today after NASA confirmed that the Read More